Dumbbell Chest Workouts For Men

When it comes to effective chest workouts for men, there is a tendency to over-train the body to its maximum limits. In fact, it is an extremely important difference to address, because it can potentially lead to serious injury if you over train. Simply put, take a sensible and balanced approach to chest workouts, whether you are building bulk or just improving on your current fitness level. Don t try to do everything all at once. Instead, break your workout up into different ‘time increments’ and then use the different intervals to ensure that you are meeting your goals and avoiding injury.

Dumbbell Chest Workouts For Men


For beginners, I recommend that you start out by doing sets of eight to twelve repetitions with a dumbbell in each hand. The concept is simple: keep your arms fully extended and lock your elbows when raising the dumbbell to your chest. The key here is to ensure that your arms are fully extended and locked – do not allow your palms to angle towards your knees. You should repeat this exercise between eight and ten times, depending on how your arms start to feel. At first, this will be difficult, but if you are determined and focused, you will undoubtedly see results.


The next thing that you need to do is to take a look at your grip and forearm strength. This is where most guys tend to go wrong, so make sure that you engage both of your hands and your forearms throughout each set. Some quick research should reveal some interesting data on this, but in essence you want to ensure that you keep the weight of your arms and chest stable, and that you do not allow your wrist to extend beyond the initial set of repetitions.


Another beneficial exercise that will help you build up your arm strength is the single-arm dumbbell snatch. This exercise requires that you maintain a very firm grip on the dumbbells, meaning that you have a tight grip on the entire time. Ensure that your arms are straight, and then lower the weights to the sides. Do as many reps as you can without breaking your concentration. Once you reach the lowest level on the exercise, ensure that you snap your wrists forward, and then quickly grab the bar again with your slightly bent and wide-eyed grip. Repeat this exercise between eight and ten reps, depending on your ability.


When it comes to building up your chest, you also have to consider some other factors. Of course, the most obvious things that you need to include in your workouts are the dumbbells, and the bench press. Other exercises that you can include are chin ups, lateral raises, tricep kickbacks, and military press exercises. By combining these three exercises with reliable stability and endurance training program, you will find that you are improving your physique overall within just a few weeks.


One of the main benefits of using dumbbells while you are working out is that they take seconds to perform. This fact has been proven time again. When you are holding the barbell in your hand, and you are performing the exercises in slow motion, you are literally doing four reps in a second! This means that you are getting more out of every rep. However, even when you are using a pair of dumbbells for your chest exercises, you will still be increasing the number of reps you can do in about 50% faster than if you were using a barbell. For example, when you are performing a chest press using a barbell, you will be holding the weight for around seven seconds, and then you will switch to a dumbbell for about six seconds.


If you want to maximize your results, you must remember that you should keep your back straight throughout the whole workout. There is no reason why you should not hold the weight in your hands until you reach a point where the weight is being held at least six inches from the body. Then, you simply repeat the previous exercise by bringing the weight back down and doing it all over again. This is how you are multiplying the effect of each repetition. You are also putting stress on your muscles, which in turn leads to an increase in strength.


The final thing you need to remember is that you should only work your chest with your arms, and not your hands. When you are holding the dumbbells in your hands, your arms are working against your body, which means you are not increasing the strength of your arms, which means you will not get the results you are looking for. You want to make sure that your chest workouts include both free weights and dumbbells, because you will be able to work each muscle separately. Keep your arms straight, and then repeat the previous exercise by bringing the dumbbells up to your chest and pressing them back down.