Tips For a Workout For Love Handles

There is a way to get rid of love handles fast and it has everything to do with your workout. I think that people understand that exercise helps them lose weight, but they are still confused on whether or not it will help them burn fat. You see, when you exercise, you are burning off calories and fat that would have gone into your body in the form of more food and fat. But you need to make sure that you are doing the right type of workout for fat loss.

Tips For a Workout For Love Handles


Do compound exercises with heavy weights. These exercises are great because they work multiple muscle groups at the same time. The problem is that most people do not do these workouts correctly. I would recommend that you use a workout program such as the one below. This workout has a series of exercises that do not require you to do any equipment. It will require only your body, and it will break your fat intake down by targeting your lower belly, chest, and legs.


Do ten minutes of cardiovascular exercise. Now this is a good combination of cardio and strength training. I recommend that you pick up a cardio DVD like The Beardless Boy. This DVD focuses on doing crunches and other compound exercises to get rid of love handles. The cardio workout will improve your cardiovascular fitness while strengthening your heart.


Do one set of each of leg curls and dumbbell lunges. You can do sets of twenty, thirty, or forty-five with each set of exercises. The forty-five sets will burn the most calories because you are working several muscle groups at once. For the crunches, try to focus on bending your knees instead of your back.


Do a series of squats, bent-over rows, and push-ups. These three exercises will target the same muscle group that the crunches target, which will greatly help target those love handles. You will definitely feel a difference after these three workouts.


Lie down on a bench, holding onto both pieces of bed towels. Bend your right elbow and grip the towel with the right hand. Your left knee should be bent. You will need to extend your right elbow out in front of your body at an angle of ninety degrees. This exercise will target your oblique muscles.


Next, do a series of sit-ups. Again, focus on ab muscles. Hold for a count of six seconds. Now do a series of straight arm snatches and do fifteen reps of overhead press ups.

These exercises are not only effective for getting rid of love handles, but they will also tone your abdominals and rear end as well. You will burn more calories than you would with just jogging or running. To tone your muscles, use free weights. They are much more effective and safer. A workout for your hips, abs, and rear end should include exercises like this.


You may also want to add cardio into your workout for love handles. A thirty minute brisk walk should be enough to tone up your legs and ankles. Use your abdominal muscles to push your knees slightly inwards as you walk. You will feel the burn in your abs as you move your arms in a slow steady motion. This cardio is also effective in burning calories.


Another way to drop pounds from your midsection is to stop eating carbohydrates that are high in sugars. Carbohydrates take more energy to break down and make use of as calories as possible. When you stop eating these foods, you will begin to lose weight. These foods include pasta, breads, pastries, rice, and cereal. These processed foods that are high in sugar tend to store fat and have very little nutritional value.


It is important to have good posture when performing exercises that work the lower back, oblique muscles, and stomach. It is easier to develop back, and abdominal fat when the body is not aligned properly. You can get rid of these fats when you strengthen the core and lower back muscles through exercise.


To get rid of love handles, you need to start eating a healthy diet that consists of vegetables, fish, whole grains, fruits, and low fat meats such as chicken and turkey. It is important to avoid fatty foods at all costs. You will also want to take a protein supplement such as whey protein to replace some of the fatty foods you are eating. Start slow when it comes to changing your diet and exercise routine. It may take time, but the effort will be worth it in the end.