Tricep Exercises For Women – Build Muscle Mass and Get Stronger Fast!

When talking about demonstrating massive upper body strength in the classic crunch, tricep exercises for women usually get all the attention. Triceps are usually the most visually dominant muscle group when speaking about demonstrating impressive muscle groups. They dominate the movement in the classic flex, but there’s another muscle that deserves equal billing… chest! Scientists have identified tricep kick backs, tricep extensions, and tricep raises as some of the best exercises for building chest muscle in the back of the upper arm (ACE Fitness). It’s true, tricep exercises for women can really put an end (or at the very least, add power) to your mediocre-looking arms…

Tricep Exercises For Women – Build Muscle Mass and Get Stronger Fast!


For the sake of keeping it simple and keeping things safe, tricep exercises for women should start with a fairly narrow range of motion and be done on an incline bench. The angle of your tricep machine should be set such that when your arms reach the starting position, the weight of your body (arms and legs) needs to be at a 90 degree angle to your body’s axis of rotation. If your tricep machine has a wide range of motion and is not properly adjusted, your shoulders will simply “over-extend” and that will do absolutely nothing for you!

One of the simplest tricep exercises for women is the tricep extension. To do this, simply bend over and grab the nearest shoulder, letting your arms hang down by your sides. Once your arms are halfway out of position, bring them back toward your body by bending your elbows in a straight line. You must be careful to only use the power of your elbows when doing this exercise – you don’t want to risk straining the tendons in your elbow area if you have a tendency to swing away from your body.


Another triceps exercises for women that is closely related to the previous exercise is the flat bar dumbbell press. This is done while sitting, with the barbell held at the sides instead of under your chest. Once your hands are a standard width apart from each other, simply turn your palms upward and bring the barbell up to your chin. Don’t do anything with the dumbbells except follow the prescribed number of reps; failure to comply will result in your trainer giving you a penalty.


If you are looking for more a more intense tricep exercises for women, you might consider a high intensity workout using weight machines. For this type of tricep workout, you will need to do tricep exercises for women that target both muscles of your upper arms. For example, a tricep workout that focuses on the inner chest can be done with standing dumbbell presses or seated dumbbell presses. A tricep workout for the outer chest can be done using flat dumbbell fly presses or incline dumbbell fly presses. You can also alternate these two exercises, alternating between the inner and outer chest. An intense tricep workout will require that you perform three sets of ten reps, each consisting of twelve reps.


Tricep exercises for women can also include push-ups, dips, lateral raises, clean and jerks, chest flies, triangle triceps extensions, single arm dumbbell rows, and wide-grip dips. When doing these exercises, make sure to keep your elbows approximately a finger’s width of an inch apart from each other. For best tricep workouts, don’t forget to add a good stretching routine into your daily exercise routine. By increasing blood flow through your arms and across your chest, you will see even better results from your tricep exercise workouts.


Tricep exercises for women can also include various cable kickbacks. Cable kickbacks are movements where you lie on your back, while lifting one of your arms behind your head. Your arms remain parallel to the ground throughout the entire movement. Cable kickbacks are great because they force you to use your pectorals more than your triceps. Because of this, you will be building strength in your triceps, as well as your forearms, back, and shoulders. To do cable kickbacks, do cable cross over’s or bent over rows, then stand up and bend at the waist, lowering your arm.


As stated above, the best tricep exercises for women must be compound and use heavier weights. In addition, you should always strive to complete a circuit, meaning you should do at least four sets of ten reps, followed by four sets of eight reps. However, you need to remember that you need to lift heavier weights, but you need to allow a little bit of rest between sets. Also, make sure you perform these exercises properly and you will see the results you are looking for.